FRM Hauberk, Flatring domed mixed, lD8mm, natural, size XL


FRM Hauberk, size XL, round riveted/solid, 8mm, natural finish


European flat ring chain mail hauberk. This chain maille is made from flat rings with round rivets. There are alternate rows of solid punched and riveted flat rings. We call this type of chain mail FRM (=Flatring Round rivet-heads Mixed.)

A hauberk is a long-sleeved, knee-length chain mail shirt.

Available in various sizes:

Hauberk XL measurement:
- chest circumference: approx. 150 cm when fully stretched. Chest should not exceed 135 cm circumference including gambeson.
- length: approx. 114 cm
- arm length from armpit: approx. 64 cm
- interior diameter: 8 mm
- flat rings: 1.8 mm width
- finish: natural
- weight: approx. 13.5 kg

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  • Modelo: ULF-FRM-HK-XL
  • Peso del producto: 17lbs

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